Write article about saving money

Unemployment is rampant, stock-based retirement funds have lost value, and in some areas a home may be almost un-sellable. One way to live well in these challenging times is to focus on the aspects of a good life that are beyond economics. I have written many articles about living joyfully through gratitude, forgiveness, positive thinking, and prayer.

Write article about saving money

The other day, we had a conversation about life hacks in general and he asked me what kind of life hacks I use. I view a life hack as a simple task or very straightforward substitution you can do in your life that produces better value overall than the usual way of spending that time, money, or energy.

I started listing life hacks off the top of my head for my son, many of which are on the list below, but others which are less financial in nature. Maybe you could write a book. I wrote them down.

I made a list of a couple hundred or so. Then I started breaking them down into categories — time savers, money savers, energy savers, and so on.

What follows are some of the most worthwhile money saving life hacks that I came up with. Most of these are just replacements for things you ordinarily do or are one-time small projects that will save money.

None of them are incredibly complicated I trimmed out some of those. They all just… work. One of the most frugal things in our house is the kitchen sink faucet.

write article about saving money

I turn it on, fill a cup or a bottle up with water, and drink it down. The long-term health cost? The cost of other ways to quench my thirst? This is easy to implement, too.

Some people do live in areas where the tap water is less than palatable. This is a simple process that can save you a ton of money, but it looks intimidating at first.

All you need to do to start with is get a summary of your current auto insurance. Just pull out your most recent insurance policy, then go online and get a few quotes from other auto insurers for the same type of insurance. Collect those new quotes, then give your current insurer a call.

You can do a similar thing with other types of insurance as well, such as homeowners insurance. Need some new clothes? Looking to buy a toaster or a crock pot?

Considering getting some new decorations for the front room?Picture your blog post being retweeted thousands of times on Twitter, and shared all over Facebook. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be in a better position to make that scenario a reality.

Money Saving Tips: Save Money while Living Well

Usage Note: Traditionalists state that one should use the form a saving when referring to an amount of money that is saved.

Indeed, that is the form English speakers outside of the United States normally use. In the United States the plural form a savings is widely used with a singular verb (as in A savings of $50 is most welcome).The widespread use of this construction has steadily eroded.

This financial advice on what smart money savers do to save money and live more frugally will help you be better about saving money. Why is setting aside money for the future so difficult? Sendhil Mullainathan, a professor of economics at Harvard University and a recipient of a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant, explains.

Sep 07,  · There's lots of free apps out there, but these apps provide (for free) necessary services that you would otherwise have to pay for every time you use them. In an effort to alleviate your financial woes, we asked our readers to provide some effective tips for saving you some serious dough.

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