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What it takes

European astronauts prepare for their Spacelab mission, Interior of Spacelab LM2 A major component of the Space Shuttle Program was Spacelab, primarily contributed by a consortium of European countries, and operated in conjunction with the United States and international partners.

This means no mechanical or hydraulic linkages connected the pilot's control stick to the control surfaces or reaction control system thrusters. The control algorithm, which used a classical Proportional Integral Derivative PID approach, was developed and maintained by Honeywell.

Ascent, Descent, On-Orbit and Aborts. Considerable research went into the Shuttle computer system. The surface of the vehicle is colored by the pressure coefficient, and the gray contours represent the density of the surrounding air, as calculated using the OVERFLOW software package.

After a single failure, the Shuttle could still continue the mission.

What it takes

After two failures, it could still land safely. The four general-purpose computers operated essentially in lockstep, checking each other. If one computer provided a different result than the other three i.

This isolated it from vehicle control. If a second computer of the three remaining failed, the two functioning computers voted it out.

A very unlikely failure mode would have been where two of the computers produced result A, and two produced result B a two-two split. In this unlikely case, one group of two was to be picked at random. The Backup Flight System BFS was separately developed software running on the fifth computer, used only if the entire four-computer primary system failed.

The BFS was created because although the four primary computers were hardware redundant, they all ran the same software, so a generic software problem could crash all of them. Embedded system avionic software was developed under totally different conditions from public commercial software: However, in theory it could have still failed, and the BFS existed for that contingency.

It is specifically designed for a real time embedded system environment. The CPU could process aboutinstructions per second.

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They had no hard disk drive, and loaded software from magnetic tape cartridges. Inthe original computers were replaced with an upgraded model APS, which had about 2. The memory was changed from magnetic core to semiconductor with battery backup.

Early Shuttle missions, starting in Novembertook along the Grid Compassarguably one of the first laptop computers.

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Use on the Shuttle required both hardware and software modifications which were incorporated into later versions of the commercial product. It was used to monitor and display the Shuttle's ground position, path of the next two orbits, show where the Shuttle had line of sight communications with ground stations, and determine points for location-specific observations of the Earth.

Many of the lessons learned have been used to design today's high speed control algorithms. The prototype orbiter Enterprise originally had a flag of the United States on the upper surface of the left wing and the letters "USA" in black on the right wing.

The name "Enterprise" was painted in black on the payload bay doors just above the hinge and behind the crew module; on the aft end of the payload bay doors was the NASA "worm" logotype in gray. Underneath the rear of the payload bay doors on the side of the fuselage just above the wing is the text "United States" in black with a flag of the United States ahead of it.

The first operational orbiter, Columbia, originally had the same markings as Enterprise, although the letters "USA" on the right wing were slightly larger and spaced farther apart.

Columbia also had black markings which Enterprise lacked on its forward RCS module, around the cockpit windows, and on its vertical stabilizer, and had distinctive black "chines" on the forward part of its upper wing surfaces, which none of the other orbiters had. Challenger established a modified marking scheme for the shuttle fleet that was matched by Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

The letters "USA" in black above an American flag were displayed on the left wing, with the NASA "worm" logotype in gray centered above the name of the orbiter in black on the right wing.

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What it takes

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Lyrics to 'This Is What It Takes' by Shawn Mendes. I watch your troubled eyes as you rest / And I fall in love with every breath / Wonder if those eyes are. The Space Shuttle was a partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft system operated by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as part of the Space Shuttle srmvision.com official program name was Space Transportation System (STS), taken from a plan for a system of reusable spacecraft of which it was the only item funded for development.

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