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Virtually date ariane 7 0

Somalia by Gintonic Duration: This is a composition I've made for my jazz-rock band Gintonic. It's based on the Follia the Intro is the Pasamezzo Antiquo. It's very recent so I don't hace still the audio.

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I hope i will send you in a couple of months. I play flute and EWI in the jazz-rock band Gintonic. Although I play mainly jazz - rock by now, my beginnings in music were in the field of early music. I have play many sets of variations upon the Folia Vivaldi, Marin Marais I think the Folia and the Blues as schema, the 12 measures are the major cathedrals in music.

I've write this music as a reaction to the human disaster in Somalia the last 3 letters are the same -lia Of course, It's possible to publish the sheet music in your website.

Virtually date ariane 7 0

Somalia is based on this schema: Folia 2 times Flute solo: In the future I will send you the link of YouTube with this music. Clavell Larrinaga, Mario Title: It's in the Folies d'Espagne by Le Cocq that we find a compendium of the language of the baroque guitar, in an aesthetic and idiomatic synthesis of the subdued and rarefied folk influences, the peculiarities of a more elaborate performing technique and the profound expressive idiom of musical culture in the baroque era.

Edition Culture et Civilisation Year: In Baroque times, no melody or chord schema was more often used in variations than the Folly from Spain.

The Church did not approve and as a result the Folly was gradually transformed into the slow, solemn melody we know today The Folly was extremely popular among baroque guitar players, to the point that Robert de Visee - almost alone in not publishing one - felt it necessary to write in his introduction: There is not the space here to list all the Follies written for the Baroque Guitar, but the three collected on this record are among the most beautiful: Gereau, the Brussels-born F.

Le Cocq and the ltalian A. In later times as well, guitar players have shown their partiality for the Spanish Folly and the two greatest guitar composers of the 19th Century, Fernando Sor and M.

Giuliani, wrote variations on these themes. In our own times the Mexican Manuel Ponce, who wrote principally for the guitar, also composed some Follies; indeed, his most important work comprises no less than 20 variations followed by a majestic fugue.

In the preface to the manuscript which he copied in B: His variations on Folies d'Espagne is a technical tour de force featuring the 'harpegemens', elaborately arpeggiated chords, which were a jealously guarded secret of Le Cocq's.

Castillion says that he rarely indicated them in his music so as to conceal how he played them and to preserve them to himself alone.

Seconda impressione' opera This piece for one voice is listed as 'Follia' in the Tavola dell'arie at the end of the volume. January at St. October 10, Vienna, sung in Italian. In the opera several instrumental Folia-variations and one vocal duet based upon the Folia-variations are implemented in several acts Oddly enough, the almost identical duet with a partly different text was used more than 70 years later as part of the opera 'La Pastorella Nobile', a production of Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi The music of the duet was attributed on the title page of the Artaria print to 'Sig nor.

Virtually date ariane 7 0

Conti' which might easily lead to Giacomo Conti, the violinist and composer who led the orchestra of the Burgtheater from but the music is almost identical to the earlier version of Francesco Conti. It is an indication how famous Francesco Conti was in the 18th century there seems to be only one Sig.

Conti, and the musical quality of the duet is indeed extremely high. The duet on La folia is at the end of act 2; it is entitled "Va pure in buon' ora".

It is the same duet as the one inserted much later in Guglielmi's opera, with the following differences:Go on a virtual date with me Ariane Click here to begin Basically this is a "choose your own adventure" style game that will have a different outcome depending on your choices along the way.

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