The process of drilling crude oil and manufacturing petroleum

The hot gases are passed into the bottom of a distillation column and become cooler as they move up the height of the column. As the gases cool below their boiling point, they condense into a liquid.

The process of drilling crude oil and manufacturing petroleum

The crude oil originates from dead remains of small, bigoquatic plant animals and terrestrial plant which has been buried over many millions of years beneath the rock layers and as a result of continuous heaping of masses of the mud, silt and other sediments ones it and also by the active actions of bacterial and heat it is hugely formed.

This vital natural resources crude oil in Nigeria in past decades was not known to man as a valuable substance.

Distillation of kerosene and naphtha

Thus, the recent over demands for some petroleum fractions as sources of heat and chemical energy and also and raw material both in our homes, oil and gas industries today has continue to drive some of the oil and gas industries all over the world to develop system to reach the reservoirs beneath the earth surface.

Hence, the production of crude oil which is by drilling process is a complex and sophisticated process used in order to extract the oil in commercial quantity.

This fact can never be over emphasize with the contributions of the geologist and geophysicists. The exploration of oil basin involves some geophysical techniques namely; magnetic method, gravity method and seismography. They latter which is the most important due to us ease in detecting the large oil basin is mainly used in oil exploration.

Hence, also, the drilling of oil well which commence after oil exploration and well testing involves use of a complex machine term drill rig machine on which also drill pipe, drill bit which aids the cutting, grinding of core formation under the surface well in order to reach the reservoir is attach to a drill string long length hollow steel pipe on which drill collar is also mounted on.

The drilling action by the drill bit of the drill machine and its penetration speed depends on the power supply to the machine and as well as the geological formation. The economical use of some drilling process technique has aid a lot in commercial crude oil production.

Drilling a well to extract crude oil is a complicated process, but it is the only way to confirm the extent and existence of the oil beneath the earth crust. After initial exploration in activities sites preparation begins. The type of rig system to be used whether rotary or cable, is determined when the drilled well is completed and turned into a production facility.

Capable of bringing a steady flow of oil to the surface, usually for many years, while getting the oil out of the ground may seen complicated, moving it from the point of production to the fuel consumer is just as complex.

Today, there are more thanmiles of oil pipeline in the U. Intotal domestic crude oil field production averaged 5, barrels per day.

Advanced Drilling Technologies

The top crude oil producing states are Texas, California Louisiana etec. As a source for additional understanding of the subject 2. As a source for ideas for your own research if properly referenced 3. Direct citing if referenced properly Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright.

For more project materials.The Manufacturing Process Exploration 1 The first step in the manufacture of gasoline is to find its parent ingredient, petroleum.

Crude oil is trapped in areas of porous rock, or reservoir rock, after it has migrated there from the area of its origin.

The process of drilling crude oil and manufacturing petroleum

Such products go through a fixed and enhanced refining process on the basis of which it is made available to meet vast requirements. The refining process of such products may differ and the process for petroleum oil can be different from Bright stock productions and there use also differs.

OPEC has released their Annual Statistial Bulletin Under the heading of “Oil and Gas Data” there are several tables you can download. I was excited to find one labeled “ Table World Exports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products by Country”.

The process of drilling crude oil and manufacturing petroleum

It turned out to be useless however as it includes a lot of exports of imported products. The US Department of Commerce announced a process for companies that import steel and aluminum to be excluded from tariffs ordered by President Donald Trump more than 2 weeks earlier.

“Starting. Table 1. U.S. proved reserves, and reserves changes, –16 Crude oil and lease condensate billion barrels Total natural gas trillion cubic feet.

Sep 28,  · This video explain how crude oil was explored, explain the drilling process, transporting crude oil to refinery,distillation process till final product petrol obtained.

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