The abnormal psychology in the movie 400 blows

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The abnormal psychology in the movie 400 blows

The abnormal psychology in the movie 400 blows

The hero is a fourteen year old boy, Antoine Doinel portrayed with incredible, phenomenal talent by Jean-Pierre Leaud, who gets into a series of trouble, for which he takes often undeserved punishment- anyway exce4ssive and inappropriate, given the background.

He runs away from school, but that is what so many teenagers, pupils do and considering the violence, the abuse and use of corporal disciplining applied by professors it can seem only natural, to try and find an escape from such exploitation.

Besides, one day, when he is absent from school and walking the streets with his friend, Rene, Antoine comes across his mother, Gilberte Doinel, who is kissing another man and therefore offers an example of libertinism, contempt for rules, lack of discipline, breaking of barriers, offence to morality which she cannot later reproach in her son, who is after all much younger and much more prone to mistakes than an adult, who does not do what he or she preaches.

Apocalypse Nana: Days (Movie) - Review and Ending theory

The morbid predilection for the excuse when he was absent and then as a subject for his test emphasizes the depression, disabuse, lack of affection, need for attention and acceptance experienced by the teenage boy, who is again banished from class, because of the accusation of plagiarism.

Furthermore, at home, while enthused, exhilarated by the magnificent author, Julien lights a candle in what looks like a small shrine dedicated to the deity- Honore de Balzac- and while he is eating with his parents, the father smells smoke and the small altar is in flames. After this incendiary incident, the family is going to the motion pictures but it is alas a short-lived peace, followed by another escape and this time, the protagonist finds temporary shelter at the home of his friend, who also has family issues, his mother is a drunkard and his father is strange.

There is a life size horse in this house, evaluated by the father at about one million francs and even if the boys, trying to find ways to get some money think about selling the horse, they try with a typewriter and their effort to sell it in the black market, through a crook fail.

Antoine Doinel has some sessions with an analyst, but it seems that the psychologist does not respect the quintessential rule of keeping the discussions secret and he talks to the police and probably the parents about what he learns from the discussions.Jan 16,  · Days (Movie) - Review and Ending theory If you are like me, after watching the movie Days, you immediately went on line to google the ending.

You probably screamed at the screen and or just scratched your head. The topics and problems within the field of abnormal psychology surround us every have only to pick up a newspaper, flip through a magazine, surf the Internet, or sit through a movie to be exposed to some of the issues that clinicians and researchers deal with on a daily basis.

Almost weekly some celebrity is in the news because of a. Select one of the following films and review the film as an Abnormal Psychology student, not just a movie-watcher.

You will provide a summation of the selected movie and discuss it from a psychological perspective. You should explain and discuss the mental illness depicted in the film. Based on your knowledge from class.

The abnormal psychology in the movie 400 blows

PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE: 9. compare and contrast differing theoretical perspectives within and among the differing disciplines of psychology describe the impact of society and culture on human diversity, especially as it relates to gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status I did a movie review kind of similar to what you described for an Abnormal Psychology course I took over the summer.

I did mine over A Beautiful Mind, and it was really easy to write my review over. It was also a really interesting movie to watch! Jun 08,  · The war horse poem analysis essays research paper on financial innovation pdf incident at vichy analysis essay patrick smith essays on abortion smooth talk movie essay, essays understanding human psychology science laughter is the best medicine essay in marathi.

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