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Religion hsc notes

Use the links above on Asoka to assist your investigation Question: Outline the initial relationship of the individual or school of thought to Buddhism.

Create a table with the headings listed below and complete using your textbook. List the significant issues of the religious tradition at the time of the individual or school of thought. Align these issues in relation to the characteristics of religion studied in the Preliminary course: Discuss reasons why the issue s was seen as significant by the individual or school of thought.

Outline the position held by the individual or school of thought within Buddhism.


Develop a comparison table using two columns like the one below. Innovation of the individual or school of thought Beliefs or practices of Buddhism Group PowerPoint presentation: In small groups students synthesis material to complete a ppt summary: The contribution of an individual or school of thought to the expression of belief in Buddhism.

Discuss the boundaries of the individual or schools of thought impact — was it confined to one part of the tradition and if so, where? Was it universal in application? Individual or school of thought brought change to Buddhism.

This may not have been across the whole tradition but is significant enough to have brought a response from a large sector of believers. For example it may be confined to one expression Theravadan, Mahayana and Vajrayana or one region.

Individual or school of thought merely responded to what would have been inevitable changes in Buddhism.

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The change was confined to such a small percentage of the Buddhist population that it did not have far-reaching impact. Peer assess the debate using a criteria to ascertain what were the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, indicating what arguments were missed by either side.WACE - Year 11 - Religion and Life Complete ATAR Religion and Life Year 11 notes.

Some electives that may differ between schools include: Poverty and the decline in the sanctity of life as current issues and the industrial revolution for religion in historical contexts.

Religion hsc notes

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