Infosys is my dream company

It is extremely impressive, with park-like surroundings. My friend and colleague Ramiro Montealegre and I met with a group of managers in the Enterprise Solutions practice, as part of a joint research project. We then joined a group of ISB students for a presentation of the Hyderabad operation and a tour around the campus. There are two large food courts, the obligatory cricket ground, mini-golf and all kinds of recreational facilities for the increasingly hard-to-recruit engineers though they do receive 1.

Infosys is my dream company

We understood that from our first article "What is an interview?

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If you are applying for a company only because it makes you financially strong in the long run, the recruiters have a serious doubt on their mind that tomorrow if you are offered a good package you leave the company. So apart from the money and job security, what really makes you to apply for this position?

Guidelines to answer this question: Goto company website and study their recent projects related to your background. Contact your seniors and ask what is so special about the company. Check how the company helps you achieve your career goals and how you can help the company grow 4.

Use these sample answers and take good points in these to prepare your own answers. Sir, I have seen from the website that TCS provides tremendous growth opportunities for its employees.


I think this is the place where I just like to work as I always like to take inititation and try to utilize the opportunites provided to me. Apart from that, It also gives me a chance to work with diverse work groups and to improve my cross functional experience.

In addition to that, I would like to improve on my education qualifications with the help from TCS ongoing education programs.

That is why, I would like to apply for TCS. As I am a fresher, I need to get the sufficient skills to enter this competitive world. I chose TCS as the best option because TCS is known for its excellent training program and through this training I can enhance my skills accordingly. I pursue a job with your Organization mainly due to 3 reasons.

That is why I pursue a job with your organization. And i came to know that in TCS way of treating the freshers was good. The reason for choosing your company is because I feel that your rigorous training will hone my skills and brings the best out of me. Because some of my seniors told about your organisation and what type of projects we are taking.

And also heared that this organisation giving lot of oppurtunities to freshers and conducting some training programs to freshers to gain more knowledge. So i like to do job in your organisation. Call it an adventure, a thrilling roller coaster ride that combines work and personal life. Most importantly, I know that even more challenges await me in my futures roles within the company.My conservative estimate of his monthly earning at Patni Computers in , just prior to founding of Infosys, is 6, to 8, rupees.

His wife, Sudha Murthy did her graduate work at the prestigious IISc Bangalore and since worked for Telco, a Tata company.

Infosys is my dream company

Infosys founders looking to sell their stake in company salary and household expenses that bank-rolled her husband’s dream to start a software services company.

from times of india Business. I have my own life my own interests my own luck my own income level my own expenses my own future. In the same way, while a company that might ‘look like’ Infosys today, will also have a life cycle of its own, one that will be unlike Infosys’s. "It's Showtime!", two words that instantly evoke a certain magic when you are in show business.

It is a special moment in which the world fades away and all that matters is the show, and your audience. Apoorva Kandya.

Infosys is my dream company

Consultant. I joined Infosys Public Services as a Business Consultant in August and it has been a great journey since then. I was a part of a project which aimed to simplify access to health care for half-a-million residents in the DC area. Paid Software Internships in India. Infosys Offers a Wide Range of Positions in Bangalore and Worldwide.

From our correspondent in India, Transitions Abroad offers you a glimpse of paid internship jobs in India’s dream software company, based in Bangalore, South India.

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