How to write a new blog on blogger

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How to write a new blog on blogger

Blogs are sexy again. As we move away from social media sites and toward a more decentralized social web experiencepeople and businesses are devoting more time to their blogs as a way to connect with readers and potential customers.

What I mean by this is leaving comments on other blogs is a great way to create value for others, and ultimately grow awareness for your own blogging efforts.

This is especially helpful for new bloggers that are looking to build a readership or following as compared to established bloggers. If one example they mentioned reminds you of another instance from your own experiences, mention that. But try to avoid simply repeating what others have said.

And this is easier to do when you… 2 — Comment early. But what if you wait too long and everyone has addressed the points you wanted to raise? Obviously, the only reason they left the comment was to link out to their site. I might be a bit different from some in how I approach disagreements in the comments section, but I love it when readers disagree with my posts, and challenge my points.

The biggest reason why, is because when you bring in alternative points, that extends the conversation and gives more people a chance to jump and leave their point of view. Challenging stances and ideas are fine, but personal attacks add nothing to the conversation, and make you look like a jackass.

Not what you want. What if you find a post and agree with the post, and everything the commenters have said.

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Why not ask a question or bring up a point that no one has raised yet? One thing that often happens, especially on blogs where the writer is very popular, is the readers may all agree with the writer. Why not offer a contrarian view and bring up the other side of the issue?

Again, this helps extend the conversation, and you might find that others will then chime in saying that they agree with your point of view. Are you leaving a comment to draw attention to yourself, or to add to the conversation? As with most everything else in social media, blog comments work best as a way to INdirectly promote yourself.

how to write a new blog on blogger

Write a comment that others find value in, and that encourages others to check out your blog, follow you on Twitter, etc. Write a comment that was clearly intended to promote your blog, and you will likely gain nothing, and hurt your reputation.

If your blog allows readers to comment, then you want readers to comment. So if commenting is the reader behavior that you want, then you need to think about what you can do to encourage more readers to comment. If a reader comments on your blog, you want to reply to that comment if at all possible.

This signals to the reader that you read their comment, and that you appreciate their comment enough to take the time to respond to them.

When Writing a Blog Do …

If a reader has left an indepth comment, then feel free to engage them in your reply and ask them to clarify or expand on a point they raised in their comment. Still, by replying to the commenter you are signaling to them and all your readers that you value their comment and that encourages your readers to comment more often.

This is a great way to acknowledge and thank your reader for a great comment, and it encourages them to comment again. If a reader leaves a comment that I want to highlight, I will add it to the end of the post or in another part of the post, if relevantand make special mention of the comment, and the person who left the comment.

If the commenter added a link to their blog when they commented, I will add a link to their blog when I add the comment to my post, as an extra incentive for the readers to comment more often, as well as an additional way to acknowledge and thank the reader for their great comment.

Also, doing this encourages readers to check out the comments and may encourage them to leave their own comment. These are some tips I have learned from my own experience in writing blog comments. What did I miss that works for you?The 6 basic steps to start a blog.

These are the main steps we’ll cover. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you right through. Decide what to blog about. Choose a blogging platform.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 As one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools, it is credited for helping popularize the format.
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Find . People new to your blog may want to dig around in your older posts. this is truly blogger gold! I’ve had my blog on my website for about a year and still feel as if I’m crawling through the trenches.

Jane Friedman, e-media and writing professor at the University of Cincinnati and a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest offers. Welcome! Teachers Write is a community of teachers, librarians, and authors who believe that people who teach writing are most effective when they are truly writers themselves.

Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals that are updated frequently, sometimes even daily. An update, (also called an entry or a post) is usually quite short, perhaps just a few sentences, and readers can often respond to an entry online.

People who write blogs are commonly called bloggers.


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how to write a new blog on blogger

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