Failing successfully

Those whom God loves he sends failure early. He alone could spell the "flat intermountain area located at 10, feet in the Andes" Altoplano.

Failing successfully

As one motivational speaker observed: Success often lies just the other side of failure. As we know, his first two efforts failed, but he persisted and ultimately succeeded. Thus failing is a critical component of our Failing successfully progress—our quest for perfection.

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And because of the Atonement we can—if we respond to failures in the right way—be blessed with a new kind of learning that allows our failures to become part of the perfecting process. As Elder Bruce C. This does not mean that we should try to fail as often as we can.

Failing successfully

Edmondson noted that in business there are three main kinds of failures, some of which are better than others. First, there are failures that result from the lack of precision in routine but important matters—for example, a failure to follow design specifications in the manufacturing process.

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Second, Failing successfully are failures that are the inevitable results of complexity in processes—mistakes made in uncontrollable situations, such as in triage in a hospital emergency room.

These failures are unavoidable and cannot be controlled, but they can be managed. Finally, there are failures that occur when researchers try to push the frontiers of knowledge with regard to a product or service—failures made by a research lab in developing a new product, for example.

In our own personal lives, willful failure in important, routine things we can control constitutes sin, which we should avoid as much as possible. In things that are routine but essential to our eternal progress—things like daily prayer, daily scripture study, and regular church attendance—we should strive to eliminate all failings.

In these matters we can come very close to perfection very quickly, and it is important that we do so, because success in these endeavors provides the secure foundation that allows us to deal effectively with the other two kinds of failure.

When determining what things fall into this first category of failure, we might profitably ask ourselves two questions: One, are these things entirely within our control?

And, two, are they things that in the long run really matter? There is a correlation between affirmative answers to those two questions.

As Elder Hafen once observed: One way to distinguish what matters a great deal from what does not matter so much is to ask whether the subject is within our control.

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If it is, then it probably matters enough to merit our attention. But if the subject of our fretting is inherently beyond our control, it is not likely that God will hold us responsible for our ultimate success or failure as to that concern.

Challenge yourself, academically and in other ways.Failure is an inevitable part of the quest. In our quest for perfection, how we respond when we fail will ultimately determine how well we will succeed.

Failing successfully

My plea for you today is to learn how to fail successfully. The New York Times recently reported on the trend among some elite colleges to host courses and seminars on failure. As these schools tend to welcome the nation’s best and brightest graduating high school seniors, many of these students have never really failed at anything: They are at th.

Thus failing is a critical component of our eternal progress—our quest for perfection. And because of the Atonement we can—if we respond to failures in the right way—be blessed with a new kind of learning that allows our failures to become part of the perfecting process.

Oct 10,  · WIndows 10 -Servicing plan-Upgrade failing -Successfully canceled running installation._WUAHandler. System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) > Configuration Manager (Current Branch) – Operating System Deployment. In their first campus devotional on January 6, President Kevin J Worthen, president of BYU, and his wife, Sister Peggy Worthen, addressed students, urging them to learn from mistakes and failures.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby. 4. Allow yourself to fail. Anyone who wants to succeed must accept failure. The desire to avoid failure at all costs will most certainly end in failure!

5. Do not fret over your failure. Accept the defeat.

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