Dove integrated marketing communication campaign

The company moved in many sectors of industry starting from personal care, house care, food and beverages. Sunsilk Black and Shine, with is nutritious ingredients helps our target market hair to look more black and shine, and recovering the damaged hair. The black and shine hair shows the feminist of the personality. Unilever The price of Sunsilk 90ml, ml and ml are relatively affordable and the price are Rp5.

Dove integrated marketing communication campaign

Dove integrated marketing communication campaign

Using direct marketing to follow up an advertising campaign and linking the direct marketing piece to a dedicated website page is an example of integrated marketing communication.

Each element of the campaign reinforces the others and moves prospects toward a purchasing decision. Media An integrated campaign makes use of the full range of communication media to perform specific roles.

Advertising raises awareness of a product and generates leads for followup. Press information reinforces advertising by expanding on the advertising messages. Direct mail or email provides a followup mechanism to the advertising campaign and offers more detailed information to prospects via brochures or links to a website.

Telemarketing and sales support material, such as sales and product guides, help the sales force to follow up the strongest prospects.

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Newsletters and email campaigns help to maintain contact and build relationships with prospects until they are ready to buy. Consistent Messages Consistency of message is one of the most important elements of integrated marketing communication.

The copy style and content should be consistent across all media. When prospects read an advertisement, visit a website, pick up a leaflet or take a call from a telemarketing specialist, they should perceive the same product descriptions and benefit statements in each communication.

Design Consistency Design consistency also is important. Using the same colors, photographs and other visual elements helps to reinforce the important campaign messages and links the various campaign elements together.

As an added bonus, design consistency can help reduce campaign costs by specifying standard elements and reusing visual material across all media. Reinforcement Reinforcement is a key element.

Integrated marketing communication ensures that all the elements of a marketing campaign work together to achieve objectives and deliver results. A campaign to improve sales through a retail network, for example, would include retailer training guides, templates for local advertising and direct marketing, sales incentives for the retailer sales force, and advertising that drives business to the retail network.

Sales Alignment In business-to-business marketing, the purchasing process can be lengthy and complex, involving many different decision-makers and influencers.

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Integrated marketing communication helps your sales team to provide the information that decision-makers need at each stage of the purchasing process. In a typical scenario, the buying team establishes its requirements, prepares a specification and short list of potential suppliers, evaluates proposals, and makes a final assessment of the most suitable suppliers.

An integrated campaign aligns the communication program with the purchasing process at each stage to ensure success. References 2 Marketing M. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and economics from Bristol University.Integrated marketing communications occur on both channels.

Combining these two approaches is known in the marketing world as integrated marketing. Companies that know about and use integrated marketing know just how successful the practice is, because their numbers show it.

After 13 years of communications, our Campaign for Real Beauty is as fresh now, as it ever was, picking up awards each and every year on the international stage.

Dove integrated marketing communication campaign

The campaign has generated over billion global impressions and value to the tune of million 30” spots in earned media.

The IKEA integrated marketing communications plan was prepared strategically, on the basis of research and creative thinking. It is designed to target three market segments that fall within our. An integrated marketing communications strategy is the marriage of public relations, marketing and advertising.

Historically, organizations siloed each of these practices — viewing them as independent of one another, despite each working toward the same objective.

Integrated marketing communication combines different media to improve the results of marketing campaigns. Using direct marketing to follow up an advertising campaign and linking the direct.

The whole social media marketing campaign is based around Dove’s Research about self-esteem and social media. According to research commissioned by Dove, 8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks.

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