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RPL recognises that you may already have the skills and knowledge needed to meet national competency standards.

Assessment tool bsbinm501a manage an in

All materials produced by Cayenne Resources, regardless of format, are protected by copyright law. Permission, however, is granted to the Australian College of Project Management ACPM to reproduce, adapt and communicate the materials for the purpose of education and training.

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Assessment tool bsbinm501a manage an in

These materials may not be hired, sold or used by other training organisations or their representatives without the prior written permission of Cayenne Resources. Direct cost management of a project program A Direct quality management of a project program A Direct human resources management of a project program A Direct communications management of a project program A Direct risk management of a project program A Direct procurement and contracting for a project program A Direct the integration of projects Award Outcome Record Sheet Advanced Diploma of Project Management ii 5 Introduction This assessment guide provides a collection of assessment tasks for the qualification: BSB Advanced Diploma of Project Management Assessment The objective of the assessment process is to help you consolidate and build on the formal learning of the Advanced Diploma of Project Management course, through the application of learning into your current, or future, work role.

The assessment process is known as competency-based assessment. You will need to submit evidence and complete tasks that demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the content of the competencies. You also need to demonstrate how you can apply your knowledge and skills against the national standards for project management.

Curriculum A copy of ACPM s course curriculum, which includes all competency details, can be provided by your training facilitator upon request. The competency standards for BSB Advanced Diploma of Project Management can be downloaded from the National Training Information Service NTIS website RPL Where participants feel that they have already achieved the skills for any unit of competency, then they can be given credit for, or an exemption from, the unit by submitting a portfolio of evidence.

This prior learning may have occurred through formal or informal training, through work or life experience. RPL is a process whereby you demonstrate your prior learning and are given credit for what you can already do.

Advanced Diploma of Project Management 1 6 Workplace Project Guidelines The assessment for this qualification BSB Advanced Diploma of Project Management comprises a collection of tasks applied to a program or portfolio of appropriate workplace projects.

Your assessment should be based upon a program or portfolio you have recently, or are currently leading or directing. The same defined program should be used across all applied assessment tasks. Ideally your program should be current at the time of preparing your work for this assessment so your learning can be reflected in your work.

If your assessor agrees to you using completed projects, they must be no more than 12 months old and your submitted work must improve on previous documentation and reflect your learning. Project criteria You must be in a leadership role, managing a group of related projects a program in a coordinated way.

The Art of Decision Making and Strategic Thinking + and what you learn from the CORE diagnostic tool, prepare a two-page (double-spaced) memo with your team’s assessment and recommendations. •You may structure the memo however you see fit. BSBINMA Manage an Information or Knowledge Management. MCQ on International Finance. Business Services Training Package BSB Click here for the Business Services Training Package.. Click onto the following drop down boxes links for the complete list . New Units of Competency/Assessment Requirements BSBCUSC Manage quality customer service BSBCUS Manage quality customer service E BSBDESA Follow a design process BSBDES Follow a design process E BSBINMA Manage an information or.

The program used for this assessment should meet the following criteria at a minimum, or be negotiated with your assessor: It must contain at least 2 separate and significantly different projects with different staff.

Each project within the program must have sufficient complications to warrant control as a project A significant number of both internal within the organisation and external outside of the organisation project stakeholders A project team across the program comprising at least 2 project managers and at least another 8 project team members A dedicated project budget for each project The need for a comprehensive project plan covering all 9 PMBoK Guide knowledge areas for each project within the program.

Advanced Diploma of Project Management 2 7 Assessment Tasks Direct cost management of a project program There is one assessment task to complete for this unit of competence. Title Purpose Assessment task Directing project cost To demonstrate competence in the following unit: Direct cost management of a project program Assessment task To assess the application of your cost direction knowledge you need to demonstrate your cost direction skills applied to a program of projects.

Base your assessment on the Workplace Project Guidelines provided at the beginning of this Assessment guide page 2. You must use your work on the previous assessment tasks as the basis for this assessment task.

Prepare guidelines to direct your project managers in the preparation of their project budgets and cost management plans. Ensure there are guidelines covering the following at a minimum: Tools and techniques for determining project resource requirements against tasks Cost estimation methods, techniques and tools Preferred budget structure Cost management plan structure and content Cost management methods, processes, procedures, tools and techniques How contingencies arising from risks are to be included in the budget Regulatory and legislative financial reporting requirements.

Using the approved individual project budgets and plans, prepare your program budget and cost management plan.

Develop a system to monitor, control, record, and report actual expenditure of each project against its budget, and against the program budget. Analyse this performance against budget and identify at least two cost variances over the life cycle of the project, across your program.

Develop responses to these variances. Monitor internal and external influences on program costs and show where you were required make a change to the original program budget.

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If sponsor approval was necessary, show evidence of this. Prepare guidelines to direct your project managers in project finalisation activities relative to cost.National Resource Library | Supporting National Training Packages BSBINMA Manage & info. knowledge management system online T/R [BFINMAF] - Ask a question about this productFacilitator Packs: This product will increase the efficiency and credibility of the RTO and is excellent for either students or employed assessment in this book has access to a simulated online business.

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Request Management Mirror-. A random three day sample of Incidents revealed that about 86% of . Assessment guide Advanced Diploma of Project Management BSB First produced December Cayenne Resources. All rights reserved. All materials produced by Cayenne.

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