An overview of the issues of divorce in the family

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An overview of the issues of divorce in the family

Google loves our website, because we love you and have written hundreds of carefully considered and researched how-to articles, but not just for self-represented parties; we have a wide readership of family law attorneys and even judges, particularly for our more complex articles.

The professionals among us can skip this blog, as I want to just lay out an easy-to-comprehend summary of how divorces typically work for people struggling to understand it all, as my New Year's offering.

There are two major themes that need to be understood in divorce: Substantive issues and process issues. Substantive issues deal with what you are entitled to and must part with, and process issues deal with how family court works and what you need to do procedurally to complete a dissolution.

This blog article is an overview of issues relating to money, including property division but not spousal support. I may write a Part IV about child related issues, though with a little effort you can find our writings about custody and visitation issues and child support.

I have a stiff neck, and prefer to publish my articles according to my stamina - LOL. If you find you appreciate our work, the support with social media would be a fair exchange, neh?

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Rather than rewriting certain topics from scratch for you, which would be too long anyway, I am going to link to other articles about specific topics as we move through them and I urge you - if something resonates - to follow the thread.

This outline will help you move quickly to what is relevant and important to you, and hopefully to find answers to the questions that you may be wondering about today, or should be!

Preparing for Divorce This topic comes in two flavors, basically: Those who aren't married yet, and those who haven't filed for divorce or told their spouse yet. As to those who aren't married, I urge you to consider a premarital agreement especially if this is not your first go-around at tying the knot.

An overview of the issues of divorce in the family

Alternately, even if a premarital agreement is not for you, buying an hour of an expert matrimonial lawyer's time before you marry will pay dividends that you cannot now imagine or comprehend.

I'd rather you get it! Then, there is pre-divorce planningwhich is a separate topic. This website is organized into blog categories, family law statutes and court rules, sample forms, our frequently asked questions' pageand the topical i.

Please try the search engine before leaving if you have unanswered questions. Again, this is an overview. A legal separation does everything a divorce does, except that you remain legally married.

It requires the consent of both parties - you cannot impose it on your spouse over their objection. You are entitled to all the same orders, including property division, custody, and support, as you are in a dissolution.

There is no waiting period for a Decree of Legal Separation. It can always later be converted into a dissolution, without having to start over. You don't even have to be a resident of the State to file one.

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An annulment, or in California statutory parlance a "nullity of marriage"can only be granted if you can show one of five legislatively approved grounds for it.Behavioral Issues in Children After Divorce After a divorce or separation, it isn't uncommon for children to display some behavioral issues.

A child acting out shouldn't come as a complete surprise because after all, a divorce or separation is a challenging obstacle for the entire family to go through.

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Overview Must Live in Minnesota Under Minnesota law, a divorce is called a "Dissolution of Marriage." To get divorced in Minnesota, one of the spouses must .

Before Medicaid rules changed in , divorce had been used as a planning tool to allow one spouse to qualify for Medicaid assistance and to avoid impoverishing the well spouse. Family Law includes a range of issues surrounding the rights and obligations of spouses and children. Yet when many people think of Family Law, they think divorce, for a good reason–an estimated 50% of marriages in the US end in dissolution.

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