An interview with a park ranger

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An interview with a park ranger

And kids will love the Junior Ranger program. The park was created in to commemorate the Battle of between the Tlingits and Russians. Designed to represent a traditional clan house, the Visitor Center faces the coast and features an open floor plan cornered by carved house posts with a Tlingit decorative screen.

Check out the bentwood boxes, in which Tlingits poach fish, and the spruce root baskets, used for storage. Tlingit artists work here, and you can watch them carve yellow cedar logs into masks or totems, or learn how to soak spruce roots before weaving them.

An interview with a park ranger

An interview with a park ranger there are plenty of others that are outside, so walk the trails and explore this little gem of the National Park system. Battle of Part of the park is dedicated to the Battle of Sitka between the Russians and Tlingits.

The last major armed resistance by the Tlingits, this was a seminal event in Alaskan history. The trouble began when the Tlingits settled here, near the mouth of the Indian River, following their victory over the Russians at the Battle of Old Sitka in They chose this site because the river mouth has a broad fan that extends into the ocean, creating waters too shallow for Russian ships.

A sapling fort housed the Tlingits for two years before the Russians returned inaccompanied by the man-of-war ship the Neva. Even though the fort was built with slanted sides designed to withstand cannon fire, and the Tlingit warriors wore body armor strong enough to stop musket fire, the Russians overwhelmed the Tlingits.

After six days of battle, Tlingits escaped in the middle of the night. They walked all the way to Chichagof Island, in winter, where they lived until they returned to Sitka in Nothing remains of the fort or the battle site, other than a grassy field with a commemorative plaque that was dedicated in For an updated schedule of guided hikes, visit www.

Brady toured Native Tlingit and Haida villages in the year preceding the fair, securing donations from villages throughout Southeast Alaska.

This was a remarkable accomplishment; curators and collectors had been denied totems, even when they offered cash. Inthe totems returned to Alaska after traveling 6, miles by ship and rail. They were placed here in Sitka and continue to tell a story of Native cultures in this coastal region.

Lower down, look for a Julian calendar—a Russian time-telling device that allowed people to mark the passage of time using a circle divided into 12 parts.


It represents the past and future of Northwest Coast Natives, using an abstract depiction of a Native before contact with Europeans, as well as symbols of the eagle and raven clans. You can learn more on Ranger-led Totem Walks, held daily during the summer. Look for the ovoid, too, in the world around you.

Some claim to see it in the wood of old, dead trees or the ripples of ocean water. See if you start to find the ovoid in the landscape of Southeast Alaska. Throughout the summer pink, chum, coho, and chinook salmon make their way up the river.

You may also see Dolly Varden, char, and steelhead trout. Trails Starting at the National Park Service Visitor Center, this trail system takes you through rich coastal forest, along a salmon stream, and past totem poles and memorial sites.

There are a number of great views of the shoreline and coastal mountains along the way. Park rangers offer guided walks that explore the area's natural history, military past, and the numerous totem poles in the park.The article is great and as an "old" fan of the wilderness and it's wildlife many a different sound or smell is usually investigated by some animal or other.

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An interview with a park ranger

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Interview with a Park Ranger. Interview with a Park Ranger The person I ma going to interview is a Park Ranger. A park ranger starts his/her day by checking on certain areas of the park to make sure there are no fires or hurt wild life. The Yorkshire Dales National Park is full of stone-built villages, stunning landscapes and vibrant communities.

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