Alamat ng roma

Schism; golden age of ang biblia nila. Golden age of alay pasasalamat.

Alamat ng roma

Sammy was playing in a bar in Makati, a dark drinking space next to a glittering red GRO disco pub. He was with his international band Spy.

Alamat ng roma

There were three of them: Sticks ; a caribbean-looking bassist Maurice with dreadlocks like Bob Marley but longer and more elegant; and, their lead vocalist-guitarist and Alamat ng roma Sammy, a Filipino. The next time I saw Sammy was when he was lead guitar and I was back-up vocals for Lou Bonnevie in several concerts around It was in at the meditative Agnes Arellano residence in Blueridge.

There were around 15 males and one female with their colorful and weirdest music instruments, all brimming with confidence, in a rehearsal space, a Japanese style pagoda.

There was a big garden with lots of incense, candles and charcoal burning. Billie Bonnevie was lighting more in his shaman outfit. Una, una kaya kaya, ay! In an instant, all the stringed and percussion instruments twanged and banged in harmony.

In that same spot, I was given a pen and paper and wrote a mix of Tagalog and Cordilleran words. What came out from that very first collaboration with Sammy was the Una Kaya song, the first I co-wrote with him for the Atas album.

It is now A lot of things have happened. Tina Q passed away. The elders I mentioned parted ways. Musicians either left or were kicked out. I left the band in and came back a widow and an orphan in Each one has a story and we will tell you that later.

Why are we still in Kalayo? We can all answer that. I am in Kalayo because it is still my prime space with the universe, the powerful vibes, sacredly shared with others. Kalayo is equally the space I share to those who are alive. It rejuvenates, gives an unexplained feeling of hope.

Do you feel something similar whenever we share the same space and music in a gig? And Sammy, the only elder musician I am close to, is still with Kalayo. In the next article release, he will tell us why.The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe (or simply Salinggawi or SDT), is the University-wide organization for dance and the official dance troupe of the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

The group is known for its versatility covering wide array of genre from performing arts to cheerleading, from. Alamat ng Roma Ayon sa alamat, ang lungsod ng Roma ay itinatag ng dalawang kambal na sila Romulus at Remus. Kinidnap ang magkambal noong sila ay mga sanggol pa at iniwan malapit sa Ilog ng Tiber.

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