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All studies will be founded in the governing principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will study materials from the primary genre of the novel, biography, autobiography, short story, poetry, essay, letter, sermon, speech, and scripture as literature.

7th composing confidence edition effective essay paragraph writing

To appreciate them, as uttered by the disciples of Christ, when they became assured that he had risen from the dead, we must enter into their circumstances.

7th composing confidence edition effective essay paragraph writing

Well persuaded that, in Jesus, they beheld him to whom all the prophets had witnessed, who was to sit on the throne of David, and to establish his kingdom over all people; they had forsaken all to follow him, and had embarked all their hopes on his claims.

Already had they learned, by painful experience, that it was through much tribulation they were to share in his kingdom; but such trials had not shaken their faith. Accustomed to behold him despised, persecuted, and rejected of men, their confidence was continually sustained, as they heard him speak "as never man spake," and with an authority that controlled the sea and raised the dead.

But now, deep tribulation, such as they had not known before, had overtaken them. What darkness had come upon their faith! He, who was once so mighty to give deliverance to the captive, had himself been taken captive, and bound to the cross.

He, who with a word raised the dead, had been violently, wickedly, put to an ignominious death. He, whom they expected to reign as king of kings, and to subdue all nations, had been brought under the dominion of his own nation, and shut up in the sepulchre, and all the people of Israel were now boastfully confident that the death of the cross had proved him a deceiver.

Oh, indeed, it was a season of great heaviness, and Page 18 dismay, and trial, those days and nights in which their beloved Master was lying in death! The great stone which his enemies had rolled to the door of the sepulchre, lest his disciples should go by night and take away the body, was expressive of the cold, dead, weight, which that death and burial had laid upon their hearts.

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That sepulchre seemed as the tomb of all their hopes. All was buried with Jesus. The Jewish Sabbath was over. The first day of the week was breaking. While it is yet dark, faithful women repair to the sepulchre with spices for the embalming.

They find the stone rolled away. Wondering at this, they enter the tomb. The body is not there. Enemies have taken it away, is their first thought. Mary Magdalene hastens to say to Peter and John, "they have taken away the Lord out of the sepulchre, and we know not where they have laid him.

Still, "they believed not. How was it that they did not remember his words, which even the chief priests and Pharisees repeated to Pilate, as a reason for posting a guard around the tomb, "After three days, I will rise again.

The terrible shock of the crucifixion must have so stunned their faith, and distracted their thoughts, that what they afterward remembered so clearly, was either forgotten, or not comprehended.

7th composing confidence edition effective essay paragraph writing

Page 19 That same day, two of them went toward the neighboring village. Their hearts were heavy, and they "talked of all those things that had happened. He asked their grief. Who wouldn't wish we had it to read!

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No wonder their hearts were inflamed at the touch of such words, and burned within them, while thus the Light of the world was opening to them the Scriptures.

Presently, while sitting at meat with them, Jesus "took bread, and brake it, and gave to them. Their eyes were opened in that breaking of bread. No more in doubt, but saying among themselves, "the Lord is risen indeed.

Again, and more confidently and joyfully, must they all have said one to another, with a relief of heart, and a return of faith, and a resurrection of hope, like the return of day after a long and fearful night, the Lord is risen indeed; the Lord is risen indeed.

We began by saying that the words of the text, as uttered by the apostles, are words of conviction and words of joyfulness. Under these two aspects we will treat the subject they contain.

And what if we were not assured that Christ did rise? Paul answers, "If Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

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