647 things to write about

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647 things to write about

Why would we talk about things that we have no clue? I consider myself one of them and we write about ourselves, day in and day out. In fifteen minutes time, I realized how much we wanted to all talk about ourselves. While there, there were several jokes made at this conference about how self-centered non fiction writers are.

I have been writing creative non fiction for some years now, reporting on what I know, talking about my experiences. At the heart of everything I have come to several conclusions about why we talk about ourselves, all of which have nothing to do with just writing what we know.

Writers write about themselves to wrestle with their own terrible demons.

647 things to write about

We write about ourselves to make sense of our chaos. But writing this kind of stuff goes a lot deeper than that. We write non fiction, really we write about ourselves, so that we become less lonely.

This world is a very lonely place, and as writers we are naturally in solitude a majority of the time. We write so that no one ever has to feel as alone as we sometimes do, huddled up behind our computers for hours and days.

We write about ourselves to help others. We write so that there might be a slim glimmer of a chance that someone listens to our life lessons. We write to give to others, so that maybe they trip one less time than we did.

We write about ourselves because we love to write, and why not write something passionate? Something that means something?

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Something someone else can relate to? We also write about ourselves to be vulnerable in the most professional and accepted way in society.

Displaying their scars and battle wounds from their time on this earth to anyone listening? We write about what we know. But what we know is also vulnerable, and beautiful. Thank you for your time, your support, and for being a part of my journey!

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